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The Story of ALSS

Author: Jaye O'Toole
Date of Publish: December 23, 2020
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Who We Are

The spark that started Australian Lifestyle Support Solutions was a desire to optimize the structure of NDIS support services in terms of continuity. Based on feedback from the NDIS community, support workers in the industry were not well-matched with the NDIS services and activities that they were providing. Consequently, this would result in an inconsistent and often uncomfortable experience for the client. At this point, nothing had been done to rectify this growing concern. However, we believe that all clients should receive a complete and consistent NDIS support experience. As a result, ALSS banded together and developed a plan to optimize the process of NDIS Support. We wanted to provide a smooth, consistent, and friendly experience for future clients. After the plan to achieve this goal was set, we began our journey. Although, it was not without a speedbump, a sidetrack, and then some careful adjustments to our plan before we reached our current destination.


The Birth of ALSS

In the process of forging our future to provide an overall improved NDIS Support experience for our clients. Our vision and mission in ALSS were born. We started out as three like-minded Individuals with a passion to care for others in a way that we would like to be cared for in the case that we needed it. We would not want a slow process and poor NDIS Support experience either. Before ALSS, the three of us had spent years independently working within NDIS and child safety and providing support in a variety of ways – as support workers and as independent contractors. Before the inception of ALSS, we spent several weeks brainstorming ideas, after which we reached a unanimous decision to provide an improved NDIS experience. As we saw that there was a myriad of ways to improve upon what other larger providers were offering in terms of NDIS Support.


Our Journey to NDIS

At this point, our focus was to create a smaller, more intimate, boutique-style business that really cared for everyone. Thereafter, we spent time filling in applications and having extensive policies, procedures, and documentation processes compiled. It was long and arduous, to say the least. Not long after, we were audited for suitability. Due to our efforts and diligence, we passed every step with flying colours. Subsequently, we had our paperwork submitted for approval by NDIS. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the approval was delayed. A massive contribution to the delay was due to COVID19 and the lockdown that came after. We waited four long months for our application to be processed, and during this time we were unable to get any feedback on the progress of the application. Despite not getting an immediate response, we were eager to continue building up ALSS. So, we all decided to throw ourselves into setting up the infrastructure of a head office. This would prove to be one of the best business decisions that we had made. Even when you do not know the outcome, follow your vision and take a leap of faith!


The ALSS Family

After the online systems and software training, we came across a skilled, professional support worker called Janelle. She possessed countless years of experience in the industry. She also had a keen focus on helping others and a remarkable willingness to help improve ALSS. After meeting her for the first time, we immediately brought her into our team. Once Janelle joined the ALSS family, she began setting up the workplace in preparation for our first NDIS client. In fact, Janelle has proven to be an invaluable asset to the growth of ALSS. Not long after, Chloe joined us and also shared our vision. We wanted to cultivate the idea of family, that is what we wanted originally and continue to strive for in our workplace. We want to care for clients like they are our family. Building ALSS from the ground up has been both an invaluable experience and a challenge for all of us. We will continue pursuing the growth of ALSS and providing a smooth, professional experience for all our clients long into the future.

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By Jaye O'Toole

Web Developer, Digital Marketer and IT Specialist.


  1. Peggy

    Excellent information. Love how the company began and it’s story. It’s great to see the article focusing on the clients and their needs, goals and dreams.

  2. Heath

    Well done, looks great.

  3. Dawn OToole

    ALSS, a brilliant idea for residents in the bay to access those needing that extra help which is almost impossible to find.

    The article is wonderful! It’s well-written, informative, concise, and to the point. Also love the graphics, very nice colours ! Well done team.

  4. Matt

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Well done on persevering to make a better world!!!


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